Our Story, Our Mission

Stories have a way of capturing our imagination. They inspire us to be our best selves and tackle life’s obstacles.  With today’s information overload, it’s harder than ever to pierce the protective shield with a heartfelt story. Storytellers need a narrative that genuinely resonates with their audience amidst the noise of everything with an authentic voice. That’s where Think Think Go comes in!


Our team of storytellers is a motley crew merging the best and brightest from Hollywood, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley to make a difference in the content world. Our leaders are a unique breed with a diverse background of corporate know-how and entrepreneurial moxie.


From tackling sensitive issues like human trafficking to uplifting stories about adoption to made-for-TV rom-coms, we’ve got a story for every occasion. And it’s only the start of our journey. We’ve partnered with the likes of Netflix and ABC, drawing from our collective acumen honed at Microsoft and Wall Street. In addition, our team members have done some of the biggest franchises still out there, such as The Bachelor, Top Chef, Selling the Hamptons, and Ghost Hunters.


Think Think Go is represented by United Talent Agency and Loeb & Loeb. We don’t accept submissions.


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The True and Miraculous Story of Brother Claude Ely

Follow an elite group of special forces as the locate, rescue and return children from human trafficking utilizing the latest technology.

Birth mothers and expectant families receive guidance in the private adoption process from mother-daughter attorney team.