A Birth Story


Limited Docu-series


Adoption attorneys, Terri Odom and her daughter, Emily Saska, help birth mothers navigate the adoption process and match them up with prospective families desperate to become parents.


In Development


PRIVATE ADOPTION IN AMERICA is a four-part docuseries that will take a deep look into the exciting private adoption process in the United States after 170 years of it inception, exploring the raw emotional rollercoaster ride the birth mother/parents and adoptive parents-to-be go through no matter their background or circumstances that brought them to adoption, along all the twists and turns that make this process so challenging. In the heart of it will be our adoption lawyer duo, who will be our glue and the experts that will guide and assist both parties navigate their adoption journey. 

Each episode will tackle a different facet of the adoption process with nail biting arcs.  On episode one, we will embark on the journey of several birth parents and adoptive parents-to-be from day one of their private adoption journey, the moment they get to Terri’s office.  As the process continues, some will decide to continue their adoption journey and others won’t.  We’ll discover scammers, the cracks in the adoption system, and along the entire series we’ll learn the  history of adoption that got us to this point. As the series goes on, we’ll pick up other stories in different stages of the adoption process to paint the pictures of the range of possible ways a private adoption could go. From discovering they got scammed, to birth mothers deciding to keep their babies to navigating the ups and downs of open adoption to being a parent after a decade of trying.